Amanda Jaggers

Is the future of startup funding crowdsourced?

What advantages can crowdfunding offer specifically? Crowdfunding enables startups to raise money through a network of backers. By contributing money, posting a link, or joining a campaign, people ...

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5 Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms

According to Amanda Jaggers, we have various chances to earn a living and contribute to our family's income as stay-at-home moms. There are several methods to generate money from home, so pick one ...

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What it means for your taxes if you have a loss in your first year of business

As Per Amanda Jaggers, if you just started a business, you may be wondering how taking a loss in the first year will affect your taxes. If your business loses money in its first year, you may be ab...

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How to Launch a Private Equity Firm

You might be wondering how to create a private equity organization in the early stages. Amanda Jaggers is of the belief that This article offers advice to individuals interested in investing in pri...

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What Do Private Equity Groups Do?

In terms of the business model, what do private equity groups do? Their primary goal is to exit their portfolio companies for a significant profit, usually three to seven years after the initial in...

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